Tasty blend of the old and new

OLD technology is making a comeback and you can learn about some at a nanna-technology session on Sunday.

Organisers say more people are asking to learn how to preserve food in jars.

Seed Savers is hosting the food-preservation session and co-ordinator Lizette Salmon said the practice had many benefits.

“Preserving food builds community resilience in the face of food security questions,” she said.

“Food supplies are less reliable and this will give us more strength.”

Co-host Helena Foster said she was interested in the health benefits of food preservation.

“There is more nutritional value in preserved food and people are becoming aware of that,” she said.

“People are starting the question the quality that is available in supermarkets.”

Ms Foster will teach people a lacto-bacterial fermented method of preservation.

“That means preserving foods in water with the only additive being salt and herbs for flavour,” she said.

Co-host Jacky Cronin will talk about Australian-style pickling with salt and vinegar — methods she used for the great taste.

The event will be held at the Community Wood Fired Oven in Albury’s Hovell Tree Park between 3pm and 5pm.

For information visit ecoportal.net.au.