Wodonga abduction attempt | Black car search hots up

An image of the man police are chasing.

An image of the man police are chasing.

CAR dealers have helped police on the trail of a black car used by a would-be abductor in Wodonga.

Detectives say they are continuing to focus on two strong leads in their investigation of an attempted abduction of a Wodonga schoolgirl, 15.

Detective Sgt Peter Greaves said Albury and Wodonga car dealers had helped narrow-down vehicle types and had given a history of recent sales of cars matching the description of the offender’s vehicle.

“We’ve got a lot of assistance with local vehicle dealers that have done a lot of research for us with sales of vehicles and identifying types of vehicles,” Sgt Greaves said.

These inquiries come as a result of descriptions given by the victim and several witnesses.

Their information has enabled police to ascertain more features of the black, shiny, late-model car the teenager was pushed into on her way home from school last Monday.

The girl was walking along Lawrence Street when she stopped to help a man who had stumbled.

The man turned on her, pushed her into a black car and physically assaulted her before she managed to fight him off and run away.

Sgt Greaves said the car had silver wheels, believed to be mag wheels and a small spoiler across the boot.

It also had dark tinted windows, with a black leather interior and distinct white LED reversing lights on the tail light.

It was parked on Lawrence Street, opposite the tennis courts, in front of a dark maroon Pajero four-wheel-drive that had a trailer with two trail bikes on the back between 3pm and 4pm on Monday.

Identifying the car is one of several lines of inquiry including investigating known sex offenders.

“We’ve put in a lot of hours over the last week,” Sgt Greaves said.

Sgt Greaves heads the city’s sexual offences and child abuse investigation team.

He urged anyone who saw the black car on Lawrence Street on Monday or the incident to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.