Susie Reid's ‘Winmar’ jibe fires up protest at clinic | VIDEO

Susie Reid

Susie Reid

A VIDEO of a key figure in the fight for an exclusion zone around the Albury abortion clinic taunting weekly protesters has emerged.

Susie Reid has been captured displaying her midriff Nicky Winmar-style and thrusting her hips after adjusting her pants zipper in the direction of the regular protest group, the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

Click on the video below to see Ms Reid's actions at the abortion clinic. (iPhone users go to the Video tab in Menu.)

The video of Ms Reid, taken on the steps of the Englehardt Street clinic, has re-ignited the issue of an exclusion zone for protesters being created.

Former St Kilda player Winmar, in 1993, pulled up his jumper and pointed to his skin after being racially taunted by Collingwood supporters.

The Albury Council is yet to decide what, if any, action it will take on a petition supporting an exclusion area instigated by Dr Pieter Mourik with support from Ms Reid.

She confirmed yesterday her pre-meditated actions had been inspired by Winmar’s actions.

“Nothing is private and this is what these people do,” she said.

“They take pictures of everybody going in and out of the clinic.

“We just have to keep this in the news to show they will stop at nothing to get their way.”

Her actions have been slammed by Albury councillor Darren Cameron, who raised questions about the involvement of Ms Reid’s employer, Women’s Health Centre Goulburn North East, in the battle to remove protesters from outside the clinic.

Ms Reid is chief executive officer of the award-winning government-funded organisation, based in Wangaratta.

“I am shocked and alarmed that a person who is a CEO of a taxpayer-funded women’s organisation could behave in such a disgusting manner,” Cr Cameron said.

He said this raised “serious questions” about the involvement of the women’s health centre in the operation of the Albury clinic.

“Are they providing in-kind or financial support to this private company?” he asked.

Cr Cameron was the target of a recent successful code of conduct complaint by Dr Mourik.

Ms Reid denied her employer had any involvement in the campaign and she was acting as a concerned Albury resident.

“This is about me as a private citizen of Albury who lives near the clinic,” she said.

“My work is in Victoria and not NSW.”

Cr Cameron said the video proved the double standards of the petition organisers.

Dr Mourik accused Cr Cameron of bullying tactics by being present nearby when he collected signatures for the petition in late February.

Cr Cameron said it was now very clear there was inappropriate activity in Englehardt Street "by the petition proponents and not the protesters.”

“I call on the Women’s Health Centre Goulburn North East board of management to apologise to the protesters in Englehardt Street and to ensure their staff don’t harass them in the future,” he said.

“I also call on the member for Indi Cathy McGowan, who was strongly supported by Ms Reid in her election last year, to explain exactly where the taxpayers’ money given to this organisation is expended.

“Albury is certainly not in the organisation’s area of operation.”