It is a dim Witt that won’t learn

THE community expects random acts of violence such as Michael Alan Witt’s to be eradicated by courts and the police, a District Court judge in Albury said yesterday.

Judge Geoff Graham said Witt had a history of violent offending and twice previously had been released on parole only to have it revoked.

“The offender does appear to have a significant problem with anger management,” Judge Graham said.

He said Witt was angry about a relationship breakdown at the time of attacking a disabled man last year.

Witt, 25, appeared for sentencing on charges of demanding property with menaces in company and assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company.

Judge Graham imposed a nine-month jail term on the assault charge and two-year sentence, with a minimum of 10 months, on the other charge.

Witt will be eligible for release on August 5 and must comply with probation and parole supervision with counselling for anger management, alcohol and drugs.

The victim, 31, was looking for his lost hearing aid near the entrance to Blockbuster video store in Wagga Road, Lavington, about 10.35pm on July 25 last year.

He shone a torch around the entrance door as he searched.

The victim called out to Witt and Justin Hailey as they walked from Griffith Road to Wagga Road.

Witt approached the victim and without warning punched him in the face, causing a small cut and immediate pain.

He fell to the ground and Hailey said: “Empty your pockets and give us what you have”.

The victim was handed a packet of cigarettes and a plastic lighter.

Hailey took them from the victim’s hand and they ran off towards the Boomerang Hotel as several people were making their way to the incident.

Judge Graham said there was no victim impact statement but the man was probably emotionally traumatised alth- ough suffering only minor injuries.