Man rescued near Myrtleford after GPS leads him astray

10.34AM: A man, 53, was rescued from rugged terrain at the back of Mt Stanley early this morning after following directions on his phone's GPS.

The Newcastle man riding a motorbike from Wodonga to Bright when his GPS led him to the Myrtleford-Stanley Road, which turns into a dirt track.

He phoned police just after 10.30am. 

Myrtleford police rescued him at about 12.45am.

Sgt Paul Evans said the man stopped when he got to the Myrtleford Creek, which was overflowing in the rain.

"He made a good decision not to go any further," he said.

"It's a very rugged part of terrain at the back of Mt Stanley." 

Sgt Evans warned motorists to use common sense when using a GPS.