Graduates do it better: chief

LA Trobe University students left with more than just a degree yesterday.

As more than 130 graduating students balanced the mortar boards on their heads, they also received advice on how to live their lives.

The head of the Albury-Wodonga Campus, Guinever Threlkeld, said it was a day to acknowledge achievements.

The graduation ceremony held at Catholic College Wodonga saw students from the business, economics and law, education, health sciences, humanities and social sciences, and science, technology and engineering faculties admitted to degrees.


“There’s a lot of evidence that shows people who have tertiary degrees do better across their lives in terms of work opportunities,” Dr Threlkeld said.

“There are many wonderful jobs in the community but many of those are for people with a degree.”

Dr Threlkeld said the campus in West Wodonga provided the area with teachers, accountants, social workers, psychologists and scientists.

“We have a whole range of graduates who make a difference to the local community and that’s very important,” she said.

She said the graduation was a milestone worth marking.

“It’s a lovely rite of passage for students who have worked for a long time to pass through this ceremony,” she said.

“Everyone acknowledges their achievement and these gowns are clothes only worn by those achieving a degree.”

The guest speaker, principal of Wodonga Senior Secondary College Vern Hilditch, spoke of the importance of embracing different cultures and how they gave people in all careers a different outlook.

Mr Hilditch told graduates not to be deterred by any errors they may make.

“Previous generations of students have made mistakes and forgave themselves,” he said.

“They learnt from those mistakes and you’ll do the same, I hope, as this is a fundamental essence in both innovation in society and personal development.”

He told the students protecting their personal reputation in today’s world was vital.

“You are entering the next stage of your life in a fast, globalising world with enormous potential,” Mr Hilditch said.

“You have opportunities that are no longer constrained by national and cultural boundaries and with an open mind and the right attitude a great deal can be achieved.”


Bachelor of Accounting 

Sean Geoffrey Cornish, Simon Douglas Leerson, Elspeth Rose Mildren, Liam Dario Zanardo

Bachelor of Business 

Benjamin Philip Davis, Zoe Catherine Newnan, Jordan Ashley Olsen, Dean Richard Saunders, Alexandra Jayne Vonthien

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Peter Geoffrey Marsh, Elise Marie Stow


Graduate Diploma in Education (Middle Years) 

Darren John Miles

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (P-12) 

Samantha Judith Ann Bennett, Brooke Colleen Bozic, James Fraser Burbery, Natalie Linda Fraser, Mary-Anne Lisa Holligan, Kelsie Lorna McWilliams, Alice Catherine Ross

Graduate Diploma in Vocational Education and Training 

Bettina Anne Harris

Master of Education 

Sharyn Lea Hill

Master of Educational Leadership and Management 

Patrick Thomas O’Connor

Master of Teaching (P-12) 

Keith Arthur Baudinette, Katey Anne Carey, Portia Chiminello, April Amanda Daly, Storme Candice Faulkner, Karina Sarah Rachel Ferguson, Carlea Nadine Finck, Amanda Nicole Guiney, Jennifer Mary Hanuksa, Megan Claire Iskov, Jackson David Keat, Amanda Marie Norman, April Louise Ortlipp, Rebecca Yvonne Rau, Laura Anne Simsen, Bradley Richard Steele, Maria Alexandra Terblanche, Mohanaeswari D/O Umapathy, Jessica Ruth Webster

Master of Teaching (P-12) also receiving Bachelor of Arts 

Lauren Ann Webb

Doctor of Education 

Kaye Elizabeth Harris


Bachelor of Nursing 

Tina Atteridge, Eliza Susan Brandmeier, Simone Louise Chugg, Samantha Kathleen Clancy, Stephanie Duncan, Rachael May Elliott, Sally-Anne Maree Finch, Emily Janice Gilbert, Kimberley Elise Humphries, Becky Lou Irvin, Hannah April Jones, Kristy Louise Jones, Tara Brooke Jones, Jessica Lee Kilpatrick, Phoebe Christina Larson-Banks, Gabrielle Josephine Rose Leahy, Emily Rebecca Mackie, Lauren Elizabeth McCabe, Emma Louise McDonald, Kate Elizabeth Morrall, Claire Elizabeth Pederick, Tamara Jane Quigley, Amy Maree Roberts, Erin Margaret Rollinson, Adeboyin Olutayo Sululola, Lisa Maree Tippett, Kathryn Sylvia Jean Tobias 

Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) 

Bree Emily Styles

Bachelor of Nursing (Division 2 Conversion) 

Tiffany Skye Campbell, Stephanie Hannah Clancey, Susannah Mary Dale, Jessica Leigh Jordan, Amy Louise Monte, Lauren Elizabeth Nagle, Kirsten Maree Pianta, Rebecca Mable Scholz, Rachel Jean Schreiber, Charlotte Elizabeth Carolin Todros, Sharon Maree Tuccori, Megan Rose Vearing, Melanie Jane Wood

Master of Social Work 

Beatina Gonekai, Michelle Leah Hoppe

Master of Social Work/Bachelor of Human Services 

Stefanie Jay Allan, Jade Ashlee Alvey, Katherine Elizabeth Barnett, Jennifer Margaret Geary, Tulshi Ram Guragai, Tara Jane Klein-Boonschate, Pieta Catherine Marks, Jacqueline Marie Martyn, Lori Jennifer Parmley, Nikita Joy Rinaldo, Natalie Jean Teerman, Andrea Jean Vinnicombe, Peter Jeffrey Vinnicombe, Shari Ellen Webb

Master of Social Work (Honours)/Bachelor of Human Services 

Julia Michelle Christian

Doctor of Philosophy 

Zoe Ellen O’Callaghan


Bachelor of Arts

Kymberley Jayne Amery

Graduate Diploma in Humanities

David George Spurr

Master of International Relations also receiving Bachelor of International Relations 

Adam John Humphries


Bachelor of Psychological Science 

Laura Ann Collins, Jessica Lauren Gay, Adam Timothy Jodko, Emily Jean McGillvery, Melissa Louise Meindl, Alexandria Johanna Novak, Paul Joseph Pfeiffer, Benjamin John Pritchard, Stephanie Anne Ryan, Sarah Nicole Sheedy, Joseph Marcellinus Slee, Stephanie Danielle Smith-O’Brien, Eliza Kate Snowdon, Colleen Frances Tait, Callum Guy Turner, Rebecca Ann Wallace

Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours 

Pennie Joanne Eddy

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Ecology 

Christopher Stephen Downward, Dane Alan Graham, Drew Bryan Graham, Graeme Edward Harris, Lucy Jean Ingram, Mathew Daniel Kiervan, Catherine Denise Morrison, Alistair Thomas Stevenson

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Ecology with Honours 

Kelly William Thomas

Doctor of Philosophy 

Michael Edward Shackleton

Awards Conferred in absentia


Diploma in Business 

Buddhi Man Bhattarai, Paul Allan Niklaus, Dylan Shaun Richardson

Graduate Diploma in Accounting 

Brinda Wati Bhujel, Andrew Lindsay Poy


Graduate Diploma in Teaching (P-12) 

Katrina Nicole Adams, Brhianan Frances Victoria Bourne, James Harding Foley, Rachael Maree Halpin, David Norman Hawthorn, Emily Louise Herbstreit, Michelle Emily Horsey, Jessica Mary Kemp, John Patrick Kieran O’Meara, Pauline Anne Pearson, Katelyn Sheather, Jessica Anne Sheely, Laura Southwood, Michaela Amanda Strelec, Laura Grace Elizabeth Williams

Graduate Diploma in Vocational Education and Training 

Simon James Dale

Master of Teaching (P-12) 

Joseph James Birckhead, Jodie Louise Egginton, Carolyn Mary O’Dwyer, Heath Anthony Quinn, Johnathon Paul Ryan, Yongmei Zhang


Bachelor of Nursing 

Marina Yrievna Black, Alex Carmel Bradbury, Brittany Louise Brunskill, Olena Viktorivna Dobrodum, Grace Jean Goodear, Kaelee Michelle Ivone, Tess Anna McGillvray, Arpita Himanshu Patel, Darien Joseph Payne, Judith Anne Penman, Sarrah Jane Philp, Lisa Michelle Smith

Bachelor of Nursing (Division 2 Conversion) 

Stephen John Brooks, Jacqueline Maria Carter, Peta Catherine Mandersloot, Kellie Maree O’Connell

Bachelor of Social Work 

Kathryn Jane Foster

Master of Social Work 

Wendy Lee Billett, Stephenie Jillian McEnnally, Dorothea Leigh Simpson


Diploma of Arts 

Leslie Graeme Beard, Amanda Jessie Anne Goodman

Bachelor of Arts 

Karen Elizabeth Annett, William Gerard Stones


Bachelor of Psychological Science 

Jasmine Lee Keesmaat, Adam Charles McKenzie

Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours also receiving Bachelor of Psychological Science 

Emma Louise O’Donnell

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Ecology with Honours 

Jakob Burton Butler, Simon Andrew Mom, Stuart Charles Smith

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Ecology with Honours also receiving Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Ecology 

Holly Joanna Perryman, Jane Andrea White