VIDEO: Avoid a sinking feeling

Davis Sanders’ Murray Pigdon and WorkCover NSW inspector Craig Przibilla. Picture: DAVID THORPE
Davis Sanders’ Murray Pigdon and WorkCover NSW inspector Craig Przibilla. Picture: DAVID THORPE

A VIDEO is the building industry’s latest tool to prevent falls in stair voids.

WorkCover NSW has launched a campaign with builders and sub-contractors that involved producing a safety video to hammer home the message.

It said falls in stair voids were a major issue on house-building sites.

Click on the video below to see the safety message. (iPhone users go to Video tab in Menu.)

Davis Sanders Homes managing director Murray Pigdon yesterday welcomed the 20-second video, which is available on YouTube.

Mr Pigdon said it would help communicate the risk of falls to everyone on construction sites.

“A lot of tradies are more visual, so by watching a video they are able to understand it quickly and with ease,” he said.

Mr Pigdon said his builders were working on a house in central Albury with a stair void.

“We have used yellow safety boot guardrail bases with timber posts, rails and toe boards, accompanied with one-way swing gate access to prevent falls on this house construction site,” he said.

“We also explain the void protection to everyone onsite and will be encouraging our workers, sub-contractors and any other visitors to view the video as part of our site induction processes.”

It is the first time WorkCover NSW has used a video to promote a safety campaign.

WorkCover NSW principal inspector Craig Przibilla said there were several things that could be done to prevent falls on constructions sites.

“The safest approach is to plan ahead and have a fixed cover ready to install over any void,” he said.

Mr Pigdon said safety around stair voids was becoming more important with a growth in the construction of homes on central land in the city.

“The blocks are smaller, so owners are going up to two storeys,” he said.

“Either that or people are using a double storey- approach to maintain views.”