Holidays are break-in time

Det Sen-Const Justin Foots. Picture: JOHN RUSSELL

Det Sen-Const Justin Foots. Picture: JOHN RUSSELL

TEENAGE thieves with a penchant for snacks and stationery have raided Wodonga Middle Years College.

A youth, 15, was in police custody yesterday, expected to be charged with theft and burglary over the break-in on Monday night.

They believed at least two other youths were involved and expected to make further arrests.

Det Sen-Const Justin Foots said the security alarm sounded at the Emerald Avenue school just before midnight.

The offenders then apparently jemmied open a window to gain entry. No buildings were damaged.

The thieves stole packets of chips, stationery and cans of spray paint — some found discarded between the school and the neighbouring Wodonga Raiders sporting ground.

Sen-Constable Foots said the thieves had just grabbed what they could.

“If there’d been laptops around, they probably would have gone for them,” he said.

“The burglary is not that surprising.

“School break-ins are unfortunately something that’s common during the school holidays.”

Sen-Constable Foots said police did not believe the offenders were students at the school.

Police picked up the 15-year-old youth early yesterday for breaching a court-imposed curfew — a bail condition imposed for another matter.

They said questioning him had provided them with information about the break-in.