Speed on fatal road

A GRETA West driver was caught speeding on the same road where a man he knew was killed two weeks earlier, police said.

Wangaratta highway patrol Sgt Michael Connors said the 28-year-old Greta West man was caught speeding at 145km/h on the 100km/h Wangaratta-Kilfeera Road last Friday at 6.40pm.

Sgt Connors said the driver was just kilometres away on the same road that Moyhu man Grant Finger was killed on March 31 when he lost control of his 1966 HR Holden and crashed into a tree.

“He knew Grant, he knew of the fatal crash and he still chose to drive at that speed,” Sgt Connors said.

He said it was always better to catch drivers before they became another statistic.

“People ask police what they’re doing to stop carnage on the road — we are catching bloody idiots like this,” he said.

“At that speed, he may not have made it home.”

The driver was fined $722 and his licence was suspended for a year.