A little over is still too fast

Sen-Constables Paul Wiscombe and Roland Mell perform random breath tests. Picture: MATTHEW SMITHWICK
Sen-Constables Paul Wiscombe and Roland Mell perform random breath tests. Picture: MATTHEW SMITHWICK

WANGARATTA police say they are disappointed with the number of motorists nabbed speeding over the Easter long weekend.

More than half of those caught were travelling at less than 10km/h over the speed limit.

Highway Patrol Sgt Michael Connors said Wangaratta police had caught 56 drivers speeding between Friday and lunchtime yesterday.

Thirty-one of those drivers had been driving at speeds that were over the limit by less than 10km/h, indicating they were setting their cruise control speed too high.

“There are a lot of drivers setting their speed at 10km/h above the limit,” Sgt Connors said.

“The posted speed limit is the maximum permitted, not give or take 10km/h.”

Wangaratta police also caught two drivers who had tested positive to methamphetamine.

“We caught two drug-affected drivers in the Wangaratta area, that’s two too many,” Sgt Connors said.

Yesterday about 4pm, two cars were involved in a minor accident on the Wangaratta Road near the Delloro Road intersection.

There were no injuries and both cars were towed.

Speeding motorists were also the biggest concern for Albury police, who caught 101 drivers exceeding the limit up until midnight Sunday.

They included a learner driver, 17, caught on the Hume Highway at Woomargama on Sunday night travelling 37km/h above the speed allowed according to his learner’s permit.

A man, 27, was stopped by police while driving at 163km/h on the Hume Highway at Holbrook at 7.30am on Saturday.

Both drivers had their licences immediately suspended.

Albury police highway patrol officer Sgt Matt Zemaitis said police were disappointed with the number of drivers they had apprehended.

“Considering they are risking losing their licence with double demerit points, but more importantly, they are putting themselves and other road users at risk,” he said.

Sgt Zemaitis said three people had been caught drink-driving, seven were stopped for not wearing a seatbelt and 89 drivers received penalties for other offences during the same period.

In Wodonga, highway patrol Acting Sgt Mal Burdett said there had been no major incidents on the region’s roads up until yesterday.

“Overall, we’re fairly happy with the way the public has behaved in our patrol area,” he said.

Sgt Burdett said between Good Friday and midnight Sunday, his unit had nabbed 45 speeding drivers, four drug-drivers, two drink-drivers and 44 motorists for other offences.

A full tally of the Easter weekend operations will be released today.