Albury Council spend will top $126 million

ALBURY Council last night approved a budget that will grow from $90 million six years ago to $126.5 million next financial year.

On top of the 2.3 per cent rate rise, water consumption bills will rise 10 per cent to $1.18 per kilolitre and the water access charge is up 20 per cent to $112.50.

Household sewerage access charges will rise 14 per cent ($79) on the present cost of $561.

Domestic waste fees rise $10 to $226 and the voluntary green waste fee goes up $41 to $78.

Revenue from ordinary rates alone will raise $35.7 million.

The top capital works project will be $17.6 million on sewer upgrades.

It includes $5.2 million for the Waterview wastewater plant and $4.1 million for a water filtration plant.

The total capital works spend will be $46.6 million.

Almost $4 million will be invested in the rehabilitation and resealing of 40 local roads.

They include Boronia Street (between Union and Batten), Fallon Street (between Garland and Merkel), Table Top Road (between Old Sydney Road and 984 Table Top Road), Poole Street-Kiewa Street roundabout, Creek Street (between Stanley and Englehardt) and two sections of Townsend Street between Hovell and Hume streets and Smollett and Dean streets.

Close to $1 million will be spent on upgrades at the Albury tip.

The council will also allocate $512,815 across six community projects:

- $300,000 for the Uiver Memorial Museum Group

- $75,000 for Greenfield Park and Haydon Park upgrades

- $75,000 for Urana Road Oval to help build a sports pavilion

- $34,815 to help the Albury Rugby Union Football Club and East Albury Cricket Club build a sports pavilion

- $20,000 for the Splitters Creek Rural Fire Brigade’s roadside standpipe and hardstand turning area

- $8000 for an upgrade to Albury Sportsground umpires room.