Falls Creek gets its first snowfall of the year

1.41PM: Falls Creek has recorded its first snowfall for the season. 

Large snowflakes started falling about 9am this morning and continued on-and-off for a few hours, sending 100 or so workers across the mountain into a rush of excitement. 

And it could be a sign of more to come, with popular forecasting website snowatch.com.au predicting up to 30cm over the weekend. 

"The cold front that delivered snow to Falls Creek this morning is one of a series of three coming through," forecaster Peter Taylor said. 

"We're expecting more falls on Friday and Saturday but aren't sure how much rain will be washed in with that, so we could get anywhere from 15-30cm."

The Bureau of Meteorology has tipped the mountain's temperatures to drop to minus 3 degrees over coming nights, with tops of just 1 degree on Saturday and 2 degrees on Sunday.

Falls Creek general manager administration Lyn Gibbs said staff had been shocked to see snowflakes settling on the mountain this morning. 

"The ground is still pretty warm so we weren't expecting the snow to settle, but as I drove to work this morning I could see the snowflakes sitting on my windscreen. 

"Everyone here on the mountain is very excited.

"It wasn't much but it doesn't matter. The first fall of the season is always worth celebrating." 

Falls Creek Ski Lifts Anthony O’Shea said there was enormous excitement building ahead of the season.

“People just can’t wait to get out there skiing and snowboarding again.

The flurries we’ve had today have been like a little bit of white magic, putting a smile on everyone’s face.”