No task too large for new Albury ambulance station

Albury’s new ambulance station is expected to open within weeks.

Joss Construction completed the $4 million project on Wednesday and the member for Albury Greg Aplin inspected it yesterday.

“It’s a great enhancement of services for Albury and the area it serves,” Mr Aplin said.

“We’ve allowed for all ambulances to be inside, which results in better maintenance.”

Murrumbidgee zone manager Bob Van Oort said staff were excited to move into a state-of-the-art purpose built centre.

“We don’t have a date, but we hope we will be in and up and running by June,” he said.

“It will help with how we deliver services.”

A feature of the station is an incident management centre capable of handling a major disaster, such as a bushfire, flood or train accident.

It has training, medical and radio rooms, five offices, storage and a recreation area, large kitchen and front desk.

Importantly for female paramedics, they have their own bathroom — unlike the unisex ones at the old building — and a moveable wall between male and female locker rooms allows their size to alter to meet demand.

The energy efficient station has solar panels, water tanks and movement-sensitive lighting.

Its Wagga Road site was chosen to be near areas that generate the most call-outs and to cater for the city’s growth.

Mr Van Oort said the service had asked Joss Construction to make minor changes to meet security needs before its officers moved in.

And Telstra and Ambulance NSW radio and communication staff were yet to install the required technology.

He said the project had come in on budget.

Joss Construction contract administrator Tim Shilling said Ambulance NSW had been impressed with how smoothly the project had been. The work would be completed a week ahead of schedule.

He said Joss Construction hoped to win more tenders to build stations for Ambulance NSW.

“The experience we have gathered from this project stands us in good stead,” he said.