NAIL CAN HILL 2014: 5 Age Buster veterans show who’s master


FIVE runners have officially mastered the Nail Can Hill Run.

Karla McDonald, Denis McCarthy, Mike Mellor, Bill Pearce and his wife Fay Pearce completed the Age Buster for the 10th time to become Masters.

“We’ll have to find another challenge now,” Bill, 67, said.

The group are all members of the Wodonga Athletics Club and have been training together to reach the impressive goal.

“It’s all about the challenge and it is a lovely run,” Bill said.

“And it is a sense of achievement.

“We’ve all been working for it, and you have doubts leading right up to the run that you’re going to make it — it’s not as easy at it looks.

“And as you get older all the niggling little injuries come into it.”

Running together helped keep them focused on being age busters — making the time in minutes under their age.

“It’s a common interest and because you’ve got a group you tend not to dodge the runs,” he said.

“You know you’re going to be bagged for not being there on the training runs.

“So the group really does work wonders — as does the breakfast afterwards.”

Fay and Bill are the first husband and wife Masters of Nail Can Hill.

Diana Schneider and John Kennedy also became Masters.