Telecommunications collapse hits Border business

12.05PM: Businesses across the Border have lost phone and internet services after the collapse of several telecommunications companies.

Telstra says AsiaPac Communications, iBoss International and OneTelecom went into administration on Friday.

Up to 10,000 people in Victoria alone are believed to have been hit, with Greg Keen from North Albury’s The Printer Wizard hearing reports of up 60,000 businesses across the nation.

BDC Computerwyse and GIO, also both from Albury, have also been hit by the loss of services.

Mr Keen says he hopes to have phone lines returned by Thursday through Telstra.

BDC owner Trevor Graetz says many people would wrongly think he had gone out of business as customers who call hear a recording stating the number has been disconnected.

Have you been hit? The Border Mail is trying to gather a better idea of areas affected by the collapse. Comment below with your name, business and location to help us out.