Boy, 16 sped in stolen vehicle

A BOY who drove a stolen car at 180km/h and tried to elude police will be sentenced in June after the preparation of a report on him.

The boy, 16, was caught some time after the chase in Lavington by officers running on foot through house yards.

He pleaded guilty in Albury Children’s Court yesterday to failing to stop in a police pursuit, driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent, never having held a driver’s licence and dishonestly obtaining property by deception.

Magistrate Tony Murray deferred sentencing until June 17 for the preparation of a Juvenile Justice Service report.

The owner of a Ford vehicle had locked it in his garage on April 13.

About 6.30am next morning, he discovered the garage open and the car gone.

It was about 11.45am that the boy met three others who had the car at Lavington Square.

It was driven to a park at the end of Webb Street near Melrose Park and used to do burnouts.

The youth does not have a licence, but took over driving and reached a top speed of 180km/h in a 50km/h zone near Dick Road.

He went to a Union Road service station about 12.24pm, filled up with petrol but drove off without paying the $39.80 bill.

A few minutes later a police officer saw the car, checked the registration and realised it was stolen.

The police car drove after the boy, activating warning lights and its siren to try to stop him.

The officer notified police radio of a pursuit and followed the car until it turned into parkland next to Colley Street.

As the boy had poor control of the car — which was sliding from side to side — the pursuit was halted.

The car was found abandoned in Gayview Crescent and there were a number of foot pursuits through the yards until the boy was caught in Turner Street.

He was later interviewed and admitted the offences.