Zac Walker carded again

A SECOND yellow card will see Twin City striker Zac Walker miss next week.

The Wanderers remain unbeaten at the top of the table after a 4-2 win against Albury United at Kelly Park yesterday.

Walker made the most of limited opportunities to score twice in the first half.

But the Greens wrestled one back pressuring an own goal from a free kick to go into the break at 1-2.

Wanderers’ Rohan Pearce was rewarded for causing havoc with his pace on the right with a goal in the second half before United dragged another back.

But when English import James Coutts delivered the final goal it was Walker’s celebration that delivered a second yellow.

Coach David Afonso said it was real test.

“It turned into the battle of the midfields,” he said.

“It was a good game overall — very fast and end-to-end stuff.”

Afonso said for work ethic alone Jayson Ferguson got his nod as their best.