Teen spitter warned she might be jailed

A WEST Albury teenage girl who spat in the face of a child protection worker faces the prospect of jail after pleading guilty in Albury Children’s Court yesterday to an assault charge.

Magistrate Tony Murray ordered a pre-sentence report on the girl, 17, and told her: “You are at some risk of going to jail”.

The girl’s sentencing has been adjourned until June 17.

Tendered police facts confirmed the female victim had had previous dealings with the girl.

The worker, from Family and Community Services in Albury, was at the courthouse with her manager about 2.45pm on August 26 last year.

Some paperwork was being done by the victim relating to the girl’s mother, who had recently given birth to a child.

The girl walked up to the counter area, stood about half a metre from victim and began yelling and swearing.

She told the victim she was “a fat s- -t”, coughed up some phlegm and spat at the victim.

It hit her in the face, forehead and hair and the girl continued to yell and swear.

More phlegm was coughed up by the girl, but this time the victim raised her hand.

She put her hand in front of the girl’s face and this time the phlegm hit the victim’s hand and hair.

Phlegm was coughed up a third time but the mother arrived and told her to stop or she could be charged.

The mother took the girl away and staff gave the victim tissues to clean her face before a Sheriff’s officer escorted her to the police station to report the matter.

Police went to the girl’s home on October 7 and spoke to her in the presence of her mother.

She declined to be interviewed and signed a police notebook indicating that fact.

A warrant was issued when she failed to attend court.

It was executed last Thursday with the case relisted for court yesterday.