Bucks party proves costly for angry drunk

WODONGA abattoir worker David Ross McLachlan is $1000 out of pocket over a drunken display at an Albury hotel in March after being refused service and refusing a police direction to move on.

McLachlan, 41, of Maple Place, Albury, pleaded guilty yesterday in Albury Local Court to charges of continuing intoxicated behaviour after being directed to move on, offensive language and returning to licensed premises after being excluded.

He had attended a buck’s function during the day and his group were surprised they gained entry to the New Albury hotel.

But a staff member advised McLachlan about 6.30pm on March 1 that he had to leave due to his level of intoxication.

McLachlan left, but returned through the gaming room, tried to get another drink and was refused.

He became enraged, abused a barman and threatened to jump the bar before making threats to staff.

The manager advised McLachlan the police had been called and he became agitated.

“When you speak to me like this, I feel like I want to fight someone,” he said before punching the air .

Police arrived and escorted him outside where they told him to move on and advised he could not return to the area for six hours.

But he refused, was given another opportunity to leave and was then arrested.

“I don’t know why so many people get so aggressive after drinking alcohol,” magistrate Tony Murray said.