Nightclub dance ends with punch and theft

A YOUNG woman drunk at an Albury nightclub pulled another woman’s hair, fell on her, punched her and stole cards from her wallet.

But she had scant recollection of the confrontation, the Albury Local Court heard yesterday.

Mardi Adrienne Nicholson, 20, copped $800 in fines and was banned from the club.

She had initially bumped the other woman on the dance floor at Groove Saint on February 9 before the fight broke out.

She is an apprentice hairdresser and netballer in the Ovens and Murray league.

Solicitor Mark Cronin said Nicholson had been handed the victim’s wallet after their fight.

Nicholson went to tidy herself up, saw she had the victim’s wallet and discarded it.

“She has just no recollection of taking the items from the wallet,” Mr Cronin said.

Nicholson, of Centaur Road, Lavington, pleaded guilty to charges of assault and theft.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful behaviour,” magistrate Tony Murray said after reading the police facts.

“This is behaviour that is more often attributed to drunken young men.”

Tendered police facts said the victim was dancing with a woman friend and they were both holding their wallets as they danced.

Nicholson approached the victim and pushed her several times.

The victim had turned around and recognised Nicholson, who pushed her in the chest.

Nicholson grabbed a handful of the other woman’s hair as she fell to the ground.

The victim had some hair extensions and they were ripped out before Nicholson fell on top of her and hit her in the face.

The pair were pulled apart and the victim looked for her wallet.

It had contained her driver’s licence, two bankcards, a mobile phone and $100 in cash.

Nicholson had disappeared and security staff found the discarded wallet in a toilet bin.

A short time later police checked Nicholson’s bag and found the bankcards and licence belonging to the victim.

Mr Cronin said Nicholson had received a salutary lesson from the whole experience.

Mr Murray said references tendered on behalf of Nicholson spoke of her in glowing terms.

She was put on a 12-month bond, fined $400 and banned from attending Groove Saint on the assault charge.

She was fined a further $400 for the theft.