A chance to throw the book at a killer

A MAN has been killed at Albury’s Library Museum and it is up to enthusiastic youngsters to identify the murderer.

A hunt for fingerprints, clues and suspects begins tomorrow night, right after those gathered hear a blood-curdling scream and see a pool of blood.

The victim will be a young man installing museum exhibits.

And lead detective, Natasha Quinn, will help people piece together clues and motives.

“A murder has never been solved at the museum before,” she said yesterday.

The museum’s Tracy Piltz said the event promoted awareness of the museum’s legal resources, as part of national law week.

Victory Lutheran College’s year 9 forensic science class will play the roles of suspects.

Ms Piltz said the best tool to solve a murder was a library card.

And Ms Quinn said detectives needed to be wary of “red herrings”.

“It’s never the person you expect,” she said.

“People can expect mayhem and blood.”

Families and children are urged to step into the shoes of a detective for the night from 6pm.

Bookings can be made for the free event by calling (02) 6023 8333.