Farmers urged to sign VFF petition

VFF president  Peter Tuohey
VFF president Peter Tuohey

THE Victorian Farmers Federation is seeking feedback in its battle to reduce what it believes are inequitable farm rates.

An online petition has been launched, with VFF president Peter Tuohey encouraging the farming community to respond.

“This is a petition every farmer, rural person and supporter of food and fibre producers should sign,” he said.

“Victoria’s farmers shoulder 46 per cent of the rates assessed on businesses in regional Victoria, but only make up around 12 per cent of regional businesses. How is that fair?

“That’s why we’re calling for a parliamentary inquiry into the fairness and equity of the local government rating system in rural and regional areas.”

Mr Tuohey said a fairer way to apply rates to farmers has to be found.

“We already have thousands of signatures on our hardcopy petition, but we want more,” he said.

“The online petition offers a more convenient alternative for people to have their voice heard.

“By signing the petition, farmers and the wider community are letting our political leaders know they’ve had enough.

“Last year we saw council rate rises of up to 15 per cent for farmers.”

The petition is on the VFF website.