SUMMER BIATHLON: Taking aim at start of winter

IT’S a winter sport transformed into a summer format and Sunday is the last chance to take a shot on the lowlands.

Wodonga’s Victory Lutheran College will be the venue for the last of the summer biathlon series before the sport heads to the high plains in June.

The sport requires endurance to ski distances at speed and then hit a target with a smallbore rifle but Australia’s limited winter and gun laws had reduced the appeal here.

But this summer, with the aid of recently imported laser rifles and the support of the Border’s re-invigorated Telemark Nordic Ski Club, school students have been substituting the skis for mountain bikes and taking aim at the traditionally winter sport.

Organiser Bob Cranage is hoping to encourage as many first-timers to the sport as possible.

“This is the last of the summer events before we head to Falls Creek where Laser Biathlon events will be held in the ski season,” he said.

“Children and parents can enter on the day, with practice time and instruction given before the relay events.

“Relay teams will be divided into primary and secondary school divisions, followed by mixed relays where parents and teachers are able to become involved in teams with their children or students.”

Cost is $5 per person, bring your bike helmet.