Blood clue left at church

BLOOD was left on a smashed window when a thief broke into an Albury church and stole a laptop computer and data projector.

DNA taken from the sample subsequently confirmed the blood belonged to Jason Andrew Lee, of Emma Way, Glenroy — a drug user.

In Albury Local Court yesterday, magistrate Tony Murry told Lee, 33, it was time for him to realise the futility of his drug and alcohol use that had spanned many years.

Mr Murray jailed him for a minimum term of six months.

“This young man is coming close to being an institutionalised criminal,” he said.

“Unless you break the cycle, you are just going to be spending longer and longer in custody.”

Mr Murray said Lee’s parole was revoked the last time he received a jail term because of his failure to attend residential drug rehabilitation.

Lee appeared in custody for sentencing on a series of offences, including a break, enter and steal matter from the City Central Church in David Street.

Other charges included drug possession, wilful and obscene exposure, offensive language, driving under the influence, failing to wear a helmet, theft and resisting arrest.

Jail terms imposed varied from seven days to 14 months, the minimum term expiring on October 1 with parole conditions to attend a rehabilitation course and pay the church $2850 compensation.

Lee broke into the church at 5.41am on January 24, stealing the computer worth $1650 and a data projector with carry case valued at $1200.

The church had been locked by administration staff about 5.45pm the previous day.

A police forensic officer on February 18 received a DNA report from a blood sample.

Lee attended the police station on March 12, was arrested and made no admissions about the offence when interviewed, but agreed to provide a DNA sample through a buccal swab.

In a separate incident, police were patrolling Olive Street about 7am on December 28 when they saw Lee behind a hedge with a hood pulled over his head.

He picked up a bicycle and raced off at speed without a helmet before being stopped in Hovell Street.

He threw the bicycle on the ground and police believed he was under the influence of a drug with his speech rapid and incoherent.

Lee was extremely agitated.

He told police: “I don’t have any ice on me — I already took it all.”

He said that if he had any, it would be stored between the cheeks of his buttocks.

He then dropped his pants to expose his penis and buttocks.