Teen used alias for hate posts

A GIRL, 16, used an alias to wage a hate campaign on Facebook against another girl who had been granted an apprehended violence order, a court heard yesterday.

The victim had been abused, threatened, harassed and intimidated since 2011.

She has the enforceable order against the girl until February 9 next year.

But since March last year, the victim had been receiving threatening and insulting messages on Facebook under a false name, Albury Children’s Court heard yesterday.

She was told: “You’re an ugly mutt. You slut. I know where you live. I’m going to smash your house tonight so you wanna watch out.”

There was a threat that the victim would receive a visit at her work where she would be bashed.

The girl pleaded guilty to charges of intimidation and using a carriage service to menace, harass and offend.

Magistrate Tony Murray placed her on a 12-month probation order without conviction on the intimidation charge and convicted her and fined her $200 on the other.

The messages were sent from a mobile phone and led to the victim’s father going to police on August 16 last year with them.

A statement was taken from the victim on January 16 and officers made a visit to the girl’s home on January 22.

They spoke to her in the presence of her older sister, but she denied sending the messages.

She was hesitant and vague about the false name and claimed she didn’t know anyone by that name.

But later the girl posted a message under her own name and referred to the victim as “an ugly white slut and a mutt”.

She suggested she was going to smash the victim’s car and her.

The victim was told of the post on Facebook by a third party who sent a copy of it.

Police were advised of the new posts, interviewed the girl on February 3 and she admitted the messages.

She gave police her mobile phone details and said the Facebook posts had been deleted.

Mr Murray said of her actions: “This is just not appropriate behaviour,”