Missing man in court for another breach

AN Albury man sought by police through a public appeal earlier this month has been jailed for a month after breaching an apprehended violence order.

But that is only a minor concern for Raymond Trevor Wade Williams, who has 11 months and three days to serve after breaching parole.

Williams, 26, pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to contravening an AVO.

An interim apprehended violence order was granted and served on Williams on January 10 for the protection of an East Albury man and his wife.

There was a condition preventing Williams from going within 20 metres of where they lived in Eastern Circuit.

The man was sitting in his lounge room adjacent to the front door about 8.05pm on February 25 when he saw Williams walk past his front steps about six metres away.

When the man went outside, Williams was standing in the driveway adjacent to the house.

“Get off my front lawn. You’re in breach of an AVO,” the man told Williams.

Williams indicated he did not care and said: “I’m going to jail anyway.”

He walked to the side of the property, stepped over a small fence and walked down a laneway.

Solicitor Bill Roberts said Williams served eight months in jail before being released on parole.

He had a couple of beers nearby and cut across the other man’s lawn on his way home.

Mr Roberts said there was no allegation of violence relating to the breach.

It was conceded by Mr Roberts that Williams had a bad history for apprehended violence offences.

Earlier this month police issued an appeal to help find Williams because of his outstanding warrants.

They released a picture and description of him and said extensive searches had been fruitless.

The appeal said Williams was often seen in the East Albury and Lavington areas, but the public was advised not to approach him and instead call triple-0.