Play behind the ball and pay the price

Twin City captain Matt Gray.
Twin City captain Matt Gray.

PARK the bus at your own peril, says Twin City captain Matt Gray.

Increasingly opposition sides are choosing to play behind the ball against Wanderers in a bid to blunt their attack.

But Gray said inviting them to camp on your 18-yard box was a dangerous game.

“We have options all over the park and while some will see clogging up the spaces in their own defensive half as an option, we’ll see it as a chance to bring others into the game,” he said.

“There is no doubt sides are wary of the pace of Zac Walker, Rohan Pearce and Matt Hasler up front.

“But if they choose to park the bus then they open up the chances for James Coutts, Josh Zito and myself to have a go.”

Gray said he was taking the positives out of last week’s narrow 2-1 win against Wangaratta.

The Red Devils led 1-0 after 60 minutes.

“To their credit they had a game plan and stuck to it,” Gray said.

“But I think if teams want to beat us they need to focus on their game rather than try to blunt ours.

“The teams that have really challenged us have been those sides that were prepared to have a go.

“I would have been more frustrated on Sunday if we hadn’t created chances but their keeper had an outstanding game and we hit the bar any number of times and had three shots cleared off the goal line.

“The scoreline could have been double figures.”

Twin City now sits six points clear at the top of the table — undefeated after the opening nine rounds and scoring on average five goals a game.

Wanderers play equal second-placed sides Boomers and Myrtleford in the final two games of the first round.

“We are really looking forward to those games and know we will face two tough challenges in the coming weeks,” he said.

“But the feeling at the club is great.

“The depth between seniors and reserves means there is competition across the park for spots and the quality of training is sometimes as keen as a game.”

Twin City will add Zac Walker and James Coutts to the team to play Boomers at Glen Park tomorrow.