Truckies lucky in foggy freeway crash

TWO truck drivers involved in a Hume Freeway smash on Saturday are extremely lucky to be alive, according to police.

Fog was a “contributing factor” to the crash on the northbound lanes of the highway about 3am on Saturday, three kilometres south of Violet Town.

It occurred when the driver of a truck hauling two trailers, each loaded with 26,000 litres of water, lost control.

He drifted to the left and, when he corrected, his truck “jumped” wire barriers on the median strip.

The second trailer became disconnected and was protruding on to the highway when it stopped.

The second vehicle, an Australian Post truck, that had been following, “centre punched” the trailer in the foggy conditions.

Sgt Allan Morrissey, who was called to the crash, said the impact of the crash had forced the lid off the tanker, sending water flying everywhere.

“Oh man, it has done some damage,” Sgt Morrissey said.

He said the drivers were “lucky boys”.

He said the Australia Post truck was so badly damaged specialist salvage equipment was required to move it, closing the highway.

Sgt Brad McMennemin said the impact would have been like “hitting a brick wall”.

“Both are extremely lucky to have minimal injuries,” he said.

“With an accident like that, I’m surprised there wasn’t a fatality.

“If it had have been a car hitting the water tanker, there would have been (a fatality).”

Sgt McMennemin said motorists needed to drive to the conditions.

“At this time of year, with heavy fog, people need to be aware their vision is severely impaired, lessening reaction time for any hazard,” he said.