Hampden in dire need of plan

OUTGOING Hampden coach Nick O’Sullivan has conceded the competition has a lot of work to do to catch the top-four teams in the Victorian Country Championships.

He said the Bottle Greens needed a strategic plan in place to catch the Geelong, Goulburn Valley, Peninsula and Ovens and Murray leagues.

They will play the Murray league next season.

“We won’t or can’t back away from this now,” O’Sullivan said.

“We have to keep chipping away and try and reach the next level.

“There is no point waving the white flag.

“We can handle the Sunraysia and Murray leagues, we beat them by 100 points, but there is a big gap between us and three and four.

“We are in that middle part of the rankings all by ourselves.”

Hampden had 13 debutants in Saturday’s big loss to the Ovens and Murray with a wedding, unavailability and injuries leaving big holes in the line-up.