Dealers’ stash in bra and undies

TWO travelling drug dealers caught with amphetamine in their bra and underpants have been jailed with a Wodonga magistrate telling them, “you’re not welcome in this area”.

The couple, Rachael Kelly Harding, 22, and Selman Daoud, 25, drove to Albury-Wodonga and Wangaratta last week from Sydney and were caught by police three times in three days with drugs, $2800 in cash, mobile phones and a laptop computer.

Harding, who pleaded guilty to five charges, including trafficking amphetamine and possessing drugs, had more than 23 grams of amphetamine on her body, including 10 grams hidden in a bag in her bra, when she was stopped by police in Warby Street, Wangaratta, at 2.10am last Wednesday.

Daoud, who was driving the car at the time the pair were intercepted, was nabbed with more than three grams of bagged amphetamine and an ice pipe in his underpants during the same bust.

He pleaded guilty to nine charges, including trafficking amphetamine, using amphetamine and three counts of drug possession.

Magistrate Ian Watkins told the pair that methylamphetamine was an “evil drug that is destroying many people’s lives” on the Border and elsewhere.

“You’re not welcome in this area full stop,” said Mr Watkins, who mentioned a gram of amphetamine sold for a $1000 on the street.

Harding was jailed for three months with another three months suspended, while Daoud was locked up for five months with three months suspended.

The couple’s solicitor Mario Vaccaro told the court the pair had been together six years and began regularly using drugs shortly after their romance started.

Harding lives at home with her parents who run a removals business, while Daoud is an unemployed qualified panel beater.

The pair stayed at Quest apartments in Albury and Wodonga during their trip.

Mr Vaccaro said they had stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s at the Homemaker centre in Wodonga when police found them in their car on Friday with drugs and a small safe containing deal bags and a set of scales.

That followed the Wangaratta bust which also uncovered a computerised tick list of people who had received drugs to the value of $9630.

In the other intercept, Harding was found at the Aussie car wash in High Street, Wodonga, at 12.05am Thursday with $2000 in cash and two drug pipes in her bra.