Very close to serving time

A NORTH Albury man who committed his fourth disqualified driving offence in two years was yesterday ordered to perform 150 hours community service work.

“You came very close to going to jail today,” magistrate Tony Murray told Garth Edwin Anderson in Albury Local Court.

Anderson, 44, of Boronia Street, received bonds and fines for three disqualified driving matters last year.

A pre-sentence report was ordered on him after he was apprehended on February 12 when a police officer in Union Road saw his maroon Statesman being reversed from a park at a mini-mart.

He was pulled over and admitted he was disqualified.

His latest court appearance had been on January 15 when a driving ban was extended until 2022.

Anderson told the officer he drove to the shop to get a bottle of coke but said yesterday he was waiting to sell his vehicle and drove around the corner to make sure the car was still running.

Anderson’s driving ban was extended until 2024.