Carry on at Siesta resort costs man $5500

MICHAEL Edward McGrath’s drunken rampage at a Lavington motel has cost him dearly.

He is $5500 out of pocket after fines and compensation were ordered against him in Albury Local Court yesterday.

McGrath, 29, of Algona Road, pleaded guilty to three counts of maliciously damaging property and offensive conduct in inclosed lands.

Magistrate Tony Murray imposed a compensation order for $3333 after receiving a quote to rectify damage at the Siesta Resort.

McGrath was put on 30-month bonds and fined $600 for each of the damage matters, along with a $400 fine for offensive conduct.

It is a condition of the bonds that McGrath cannot go within 50 metres of the resort.

The court was told in tendered police facts that McGrath paid cash for a night’s accommodation on July 12 last year and was given a set of keys.

The night manager started to get complaints about 1am the next morning about McGrath and a woman in his room being loud, obnoxious, intoxicated and quarrelsome.

McGrath was seen on closed- circuit video footage walking around the yard about 3am without a shirt on.

He attempted to force open the door to another room and wrecked the locking mechanism, which had to be replaced.

McGrath went to another room which was occupied and damaged a panel in the door when trying to force it open, causing fear for the guests inside.

The night manager went to check on him and McGrath said: “Do you want a go, do you?”

A woman in McGrath’s room told the manager they had argued and she said he got angry.

The following morning cleaning staff found McGrath’s room in a disgusting state.

Tiles were sticky and glazed, there was broken glass on the floor and towels in the bathroom were stained.

Furniture in the room had been rearranged and empty alcohol cans were scattered about.

A shelf of the bar fridge was destroyed, there was a hole in a wall and a standing lamp was broken.

Photographs of all the damage which had been caused were taken.