Regular cannabis leaf sale ‘nice little earner’

MELISSA Olsen had a steady money-maker each week by supplying cannabis leaf from her South Albury home.

She supplemented her weekly income by a minimum of $100 over a six-month period until drug squad officers came knocking on November 27 last year.

Olsen, 34, of Plummer Street, was sentenced by magistrate Megan Greenwood in Albury Local Court on March 18 to a seven-month jail term, with minimum of three months, on a drug supply charge.

A severity appeal was lodged by Olsen when she decided to roll the dice before a District Court judge in Albury in the sittings.

There was a sting in the tail when Judge Chris Robison varied the sentence by reducing it to four months.

But the four months are a fixed term and Olsen will spend an extra month in jail on what was originally imposed.

The sentence was backdated by Judge Robison to May 18 and expires on September 17.

He was told in tendered facts that Olsen supplied 672 grams of cannabis leaf between March 27 and November 27 last year.

Drug squad detectives were alerted to Olsen’s activities and advised her why they had attended her unit.

She was asked whether she had any cannabis, went to a cupboard in the kitchen and retrieved a white ice cream container which had a plastic resealable bag inside.

There was a small amount of cannabis leaf inside the bag and Olsen handed police a set of digital scales.

She admitted selling small amounts from her home to supplement her income.

The amounts varied from $20 deals through to $50 deals and she was selling between 28 grams (an ounce) to 56 grams (two ounces) weekly.

Olsen advised police she was making about $100 each week and had been doing it for six months.

The drugs were sold in foils with customers coming to her door.

But she declined to tell police where she was sourcing the cannabis leaf.

It was estimated Olsen would have made $7200 through selling 112 grams (four ounces) each month for six months.