Albury High School ‘abduction attempt’ a mix-up

A MIX-UP over a dad waving to his child sparked a reported abduction attempt outside Albury High School, police say.

The alarm was raised after a student, 12, told police a man had asked him to get in his car at the intersection of Kiewa and George streets about 3.30pm on Tuesday.

Police yesterday appealed for the public’s assistance, releasing a description of the man and his car.

However, it later emerged it was a false alarm.

“The words were said, but they were intended for the boy behind,” Albury police inspector David Cottee said.

“The father motioned to his child and the boy thought it was to him, so ran off and alerted the school.”

Insp Cottee thanked the father for coming forward and explaining what had happened.

“We still praise the boy for doing what he thought was the right thing under the circumstances,” Insp Cottee said.

“It was an innocent mistake.”

The NSW Education Department’s media unit told the school not to comment on the issue.