ICE PLUNGE: Ice spy with my little dive

OLYMPIAN Britteny Cox, 19, will look at some very cold water tomorrow and jump with 100 others into the Rocky Valley Dam at Falls Creek.

The annual “Ice Plunge”, now in it’s seventh year, marks the start of winter.

“I’ve watched this event take place each year wondering when I’d finally give it a go,” Cox said.

“A little crazy, but I’ve heard it also appeases the snow gods for the snow season ahead.

“I’ll make the sacrifice for that.”

The former Falls Creek Primary School student, who came fifth at the Sochi Olympics, said she’d had her fair share of ice baths already after moguls training.

“I’m guessing the sensations will be the same, perhaps even chillier,” she said.

The dive into the icy water at the 1600 metre altitude lake starts at 10am.

Temperatures are set to dip to zero degrees this weekend, with the water a little warmer at 5.