Border and North East weather nothing out of the usual

IT might have felt warm, but the Border and North East has had only average May temperatures, even though the rest of the state was warmer than usual.

And winter is expected to be warmer than average, with ski resorts bracing for a poor snow season.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Terry Ryan said there was an 80 per cent chance of warmer-than-average weather.

“Conditions are starting to cool, but there’s no sign of a cold outbreak with a good snowfall,” he said.

“The first strong snowfall is at least three weeks away.”

The Border’s top temperature last month was 22.2 degrees on May 26 and the minimum was 2.3 degrees on May 8.

The average was 17.8 degrees, bang on the usual since 1993.

Rainfall was slightly above average at 62.2 millimetres — more than half last Wednesday.

“Take that day out and it was quite dry,” Mr Ryan said.