Man, 71 ‘too old’ for blue in pub

ERIC John Wright maintained his innocence over an incident in the toilet at a Jerilderie hotel where another man suffered a scalp wound and broken ankle after being hit from behind in 2012.

When police arrived, the victim was on his back in a doorway with a head wound bleeding profusely onto carpet near the pool table.

Later police spoke to Wright and he told them: “I’m too old to be blueing in the pub.”

“I didn’t assault anybody and I am in no physical condition to assault anybody,” he said in a recorded police interview.

Wright defended charges of reckless wounding and recklessly causing grievous bodily harm in a hearing at Finley Local Court last year.

But magistrate Tony Murray convicted him and imposed a 10-month jail term, with a minimum of two months to serve.

Wright, 71, of Nowranie Street, Jerilderie, lodged an appeal against his conviction and the penalty imposed.

His appeal was heard in the District Court at Albury yesterday and both appeals were dismissed with Judge Chris Robison confirming the penalties imposed by Mr Murray.

Solicitor Tim Hemsley did manage to get $1000 bail money back which Mr Murray had ordered be forfeited.

Judge Robison was told the victim had been involved in a fight with Wright at the same hotel about five months before suffering his injuries on April 3, 2012.

The victim was in the toilet when hit, his glasses and hat fell in the urinal and he looked up to see Wright standing over him.

A police officer arrived at the hotel about 6.35pm and saw the victim laying on his back.

His face was covered in blood and there was a large pool of blood soaking into the carpet.

He was being treated by ambulance officers with a number of patrons assisting and the victim was groaning in pain.

The police officer helped the ambulance staff take the victim through a beer garden and into a rear yard where the ambulance was parked.

There was a trail of blood leading into the toilets.

Blood splatters were on the metal wall.

Wright went into custody yesterday and will be eligible for release on August 5.