UNCOVERED: Strip club in bid for booze

PLANS for a strip club at Albury’s Drome Street brothel, including a shuttle bus running to and from the venue, have taken a new turn. 

A liquor application for the venue — described as an “adult relaxation entertainment facility” — was last month lodged by Albury Wod­onga Men’s Club Pty Ltd. 

A development application for the strip club was approved by Albury Council in July 2009, but the developers have been unable to secure a liquor licence from the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, despite several attempts.

Construction of the club must start by July 27 or the council planning approval will lapse. 

Graham Harvey, who owns the venue, said plans for the strip club had been several years in the making.

“Everything else is there, this is just for the liquor licence,” he said. 

“Other people have applied for the licence, a third party. 

“Attempts have been made by a couple of people who have been knocked back. 

“They’d run the strip club side of things.”

The brothel, previously Club 727, now trades as Centrefolds of Albury. 

Mr Harvey owns both entities but said a third party would operate the strip club. 

Documents show 20-year-old Jack Harvey is the only shareholder in Albury Wod­onga Men’s Club Pty Ltd. 

Responding to a community impact statement form lodged with the liquor authority, Albury Council has requested further information on safe transport options for people leaving the premises while possibly intoxicated.

It also sought information on the manner in which anti-social behaviour would be addressed.

The Department of Community Services has also raised concerns over the potential access to the premises by minors, car parking and the potential for public nuisance.

According to the applicant, the venue would have a maximum capacity of 163 people.

“The premises will be provided with up to five security staff to ensure patron and staff safety and control patron behaviour,” the application stated.

The applicant would also investigate options for a taxi rank at the front of the premises.

Concerns were raised in 2009 over the development plans but they were eventually approved by the council.

Submissions in relation to the liquor licence application, currently under consideration, close on June 23.