Zac Doyle told: Next time you’ll do time

Zac Doyle at court.

Zac Doyle at court.

WODONGA man Zac James Doyle was drunk and offensive at Albury’s Australia Day celebrations this year and raised his middle fingers at pol-ice while yelling at them to “get some real crooks”.

He ignored a warning from police to cease his abusive language and ran off in a bid to elude officers as they approached.

It was during his flight that he assaulted an unknown man by pushing him and spitting in his face.

But he was caught, put in a caged truck and driven home before later being charged with offensive language and offensive conduct.

His obnoxious behaviour breached two bonds previously imposed and prompted magistrate Tony Murray to get a pre-sentence report on him.

Solicitor Paul Robb said in Albury Local Court yesterday that Doyle, 19, of Kelly Street, had been drug free for at least two months.

He had put himself on a waiting list for drug and alcohol counselling.

Mr Murray said elderly people and children were at the celebrations and would have been disgusted by Doyle’s behaviour.

“The Australia Day celebrations at Noreuil Park are attended by a large number of people,” Mr Murray said.

“The police were merely performing their proper role.”

Doyle’s rant began about 6.15pm as police patrolled the large crowd.

Mr Robb said Doyle had shown a pattern of poor behaviour last year and this year.

“There is no doubt his conduct was totally unacceptable,” Mr Robb said.

“Clearly he was well affected by alcohol at the time.”

Mr Robb said unless Doyle did something about his drug and alcohol issues he would finish up in jail.

“The next step is obviously full-time custody,” Mr Murray said.

“I just put you on not-ice, hopefully you will not come back before the court.”

Mr Murray revoked the two bonds and issued new two-year bonds for the previous offences.

Doyle was fined $400 for offensive language and received a two-month suspended sentence for offensive conduct.

Mr Murray said he wanted to send a clear and unequivocal message to the community that behaviour like this at the Australia Day celebrations could lead to a jail term.