No more bad news, we need to be proud of who we are | OPINION

THE reality is that despite the fear-mongering, Australia’s economy is in good shape. We have 12 per cent of our gross domestic product as debt, while the average debt in the OECD countries is 73 per cent of GDP.

Australia is one of only 11 nations in the world to have a triple-A credit rating, yet we spend less than half of what other OECD countries spend, on average, on pensions for our aged, disabled and veterans.

The federal government seeks to cut our budget so it can gain control of our money.

Traditionally, governments in the first year following an election blame the other side for the circumstances.

The government takes control of as much of our money as it can. In year two it keeps gaining control of more and more money so it can release as much as possible in the third year of its term, just before another election.

“We couldn’t have done what we have done if we hadn’t made the right decisions in the first two years of our term.” This is the popular line to voters so that at the time of the election everyone is happy and the government has the best chance of being re-elected.

In the meantime, the damage to many lives will have been done.

Many of our pensioners will have seen their twilight years extinguished in difficult circumstances thanks to Joe Hockey and his cohorts.

Single mothers, women (working outside or at home), families on the land and families throughout the country will suffer. Our education and health systems have started to decline.

How long will it be until this country gets a government that cares about its people? To serve in Parliament and to serve your fellow citizens should be the highest calling in our society. But that’s not how the nation views those in Canberra. Rightly so.

Australia needs to project what we might become. The problems we have in this country have been made by Australians and they can be solved by Australians.

All we get from this government is bad news. We need to be proud of who we are. We must celebrate the smiles on our children’s faces in the morning, the worth of our marriages, the credibility of public office and the strength of our values.

In the first week of July we will stand in the Senate, as the last sentry at the gate protecting the rights of all Australians, to defend our standard of living.

Palmer United will not allow the government to increase the Medicare co-payment and will protect senior citizens and all pensioners.

After the budget I was approached by four seniors who said they didn’t vote for me or my party at the election. They told me they voted for the Liberal Party as they had done for 50 years.

Every Friday they pool their money to catch a taxi and see a movie. Sometimes with the little bit of money they have left over, they have a coffee or chocolate before going back to the nursing home.

Not any longer under Abbott’s plans. They are terrified they may need $15 to see a doctor. Their days of movies and chocolates and coffee are over.

I didn’t get elected to Parliament to allow that to happen. We will also stop the provisions where the orphans of our brave servicemen lose their benefits. I didn’t get elected to Parliament to take money off orphans of the mothers and fathers of service personnel who have died serving Australia.

Direct Action is over, it is a waste of money by politicians who don’t care about the average Australian, let alone the climate.

Tony Abbott became the PM only because of our preferences.

Our representatives in the Northern Territory, Queensland and the Australian Parliament won’t betray their principles. Palmer United won’t be forced into abandoning the people who voted for us. We have a strong commitment to Australia, to its independence and the essence of what it means to be an Australian.

We won’t betray that for anyone.