Bin there, done that

MYRTLEFORD police say they are always available to provide help, prompted by an incident on Friday night.

A 24-year-old man threw a bin through a front window, entered the police station, then smashed two desk drawers after accusing officers of failing to help him.

He then used a police radio and accused officers of “sitting on your fat arses”.

The Myrtleford resident, who is known to police, even answered phone calls at the station.

He was arrested by Myrtleford officers after the incident and was taken to hospital before being released.

Sgt Paul Evans said police were trying to help the man at the time of the incident and he had failed to listen to their advice.

“The facts are we support our local community,” he said.

“There’s a contact point at the front of the police station.

“This young bloke used that but was obviously distressed or upset and behaved in the manner he did.

“We had met with him twice that day to offer support.”

Out of hours attendees at the station can use a video link to talk to officers in Wangaratta who can attend the Myrtleford station or phone other units.

“He hadn’t made arrangements to speak to us, he came to see police and he wasn’t prepared to wait for police to attend,” Sgt Evans said.

“He didn’t listen to advice and wanted to see a policeman, and he chose an action that wasn’t appropriate and that has consequences for him.

“At the end of the day we’re there to support our community, but I guess people have to understand there are consequences for their actions.

“We can’t solve everyone’s problems, but we’re there to help.”

Sgt Evans did not want to comment on security at the station or say if a review was being undertaken.

“We don’t want the station to be anything like a prison,” he said.

“This is something out of the ordinary.”

Police are yet to interview the man, who is facing criminal damage charges.