Abuse puts officer off for months

Lee Anthony Haycroft attending Albury Local Court yesterday.

Lee Anthony Haycroft attending Albury Local Court yesterday.

THE tirade of abuse and threats by truck driver Lee Anthony Haycroft to an Albury policewoman was so bad that she has been off work with psychological issues since January 11.

Haycroft, when drunk and in custody at the station, threatened to spit on the officer in the street and bash her husband and children.

His behaviour in the dock on January 10 was monitored on closed circuit footage and he hit the walls several times before starting his ranting.

He yelled to the officer in charge of his welfare: “If I see you in the shopping centre, girl, I will stomp on your head.”

“Hey you, brown hair girl. You with your hair all tied up pretty.

“Listen to me. Look at me. I’ll see you in the street and I’ll spit on you.

“When you come out your front door, I’m going to bash your husband and your kids.”

The officer began to react physically, her hands were shaking, she experienced symptoms of anxiety and panic and left the charge room through fear that Haycroft would later recognise her.

Yesterday Haycroft, 35, of Baranbale Way, Springdale Heights, pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to intimidating a police officer and was convicted.

Magistrate Tony Murray ordered him to perform 80 hours community service.

Solicitor Mark Cronin said his client was absolutely mortified by his actions when he was affected by alcohol.

Mr Murray said what Haycroft did was a really bad example of that type of offence.

“The thing that jumps at me is that your client is not mentally stable — the behaviour is bizarre and serious,” Mr Murray said.

The court was told the officer had been off work since January 11 because of the psychological impact.

She made a statement on April 23 and police spoke to Haycroft at home six days later.

He remembered abusing police, but was unable to recall the specifics.

Mr Murray ordered an immediate assessment of Haycroft for community service and he was deemed suitable.

“Your behaviour on this evening was nothing less than disgraceful,” Mr Murray told him.

He said Haycroft has a previous conviction in 2000 for threats to kill.

“One thing that concerns me is threats to the police,” Mr Murray said.

“In your case, several threats were made over a long period of time.”