Springdale Heights street feud erupts after State of Origin broadcast

A FEUD between families led to a neighbourhood rampage in Springdale Heights after the State of Origin broadcast on Wednesday night. 

A witness said between 20 and 30 people had walked through Glenelg Drive armed with metal poles, bricks and bottles.

A utility was smashed, letterboxes destroyed and rubbish strewn throughout the street. 

The witness said a group of youths with makeshift weapons had chased someone and threatened to kill them.

The man — who declined to give his name, fearing his safety — said ongoing issues between the families flared about once a month. 

“It’s not good when there are young kids around,” he said. 

“They came through with poles, bats, anything they could get their hands on to smash things in their way. 

“I rang the police trying to save the families around here.”

The witness said Wednesday night’s incident had been worse than previous problems in the area known to locals as “G-block”. 

“My house has been smashed up and when I told them to leave I got bashed with a big stick,” he said. 

“I was left with a lump on my head which was bleeding … they threw a beer bottle at me.

“After a while you get sick of it.

“I don’t want to bring my son up like that.”

The incident lasted about 15 minutes with kitchenware, glass, clothes and a letterbox still littering the street yesterday.

The damaged utility had two broken windows.

About seven police officers were at the scene yesterday and spoke to residents.

One woman was charged over the damage to the ute.

“She’s been charged by field court attendance notice,” Chief Inspector Kim Sorensen said.

“It’s really a few locals there who have an ongoing dispute.

“There will be (further) charges laid.”

Chief Inspector Sorensen said police believed about 15 people had been involved in the incident.