Albury bowling site use unclear

THE SS&A Club is yet to decide on the future of the Albury Ten Pin Bowling Centre building.

The Olive Street venue closed last Sunday and staff continue to remove machinery, lanes and fittings from the site.

SS&A Club chief executive Tim Levesque said the club did not have any plans for the building, which it has owned for several years.

“We’re looking at all options, whether we lease it or find another use for it,” he said.

“Until they’ve ceased trading and left the venue we can’t do anything about it.”

Mr Levesque said it was “way too soon” to say if the club would consider expanding into the bowling site.

“We’ve still got other debts to reduce and we’ve got Wodonga to deal with,” he said.

“And until the lease has finished we can’t do much about it.

“Once they’re out we might be able to work out what needs to be done to the building and that may really change how we go forward.”

Ten Pin owner Niaomi Chettleburgh said it would take several days until the building had been stripped.

“The machines have been pulled apart to go to other bowling venues for spare parts,” she said.

Mrs Chettleburgh assumed the building would be demolished.