Here’s looking at you, new best buddy | PICTURES

LONG neck or short, there’s always going to be some rubber-necking when the young meet for the first time.

And that was certainly the case when these turtles took to their temporary new home at Scales Aquarium and Reptile.

The Wodonga pet store recently received a shipment of native baby turtles.

A three-month-old Krefts River turtle (emydura krefftii) and a four-month-old Murray River shortneck turtle (macqaurii) have joined a 12-month-old eastern longneck (chelodina longicollis) in a store holding tank.

Store owner David Castley said new additions never had time to wear out their welcome.

“They come and go quickly,” he said. “The engaging reptiles are always on the go.”

Mr Castley said the Krefts River turtle was only the size of a 20 cent coin, while the Murray River shortneck was slightly bigger.

“If cared for properly, they can live 30 to 40 years,” he said.

Mr Castley cautioned those who thought turtles would be easier to care for than other pets.

“Parents need to oversee their care,” he said.

“They need good quality water, correct lighting and the right food.”