Mount Buffalo not pie in the sky: plan

A draft plan for the management and tourism of national parks includes Mount Buffalo.

A draft plan for the management and tourism of national parks includes Mount Buffalo.

THE Victorian government has produced a draft plan for the management of alpine national parks including Mount Buffalo.

It was recently released by Environment and Climate Change Minister Ryan Smith, who is seeking feedback on the 15-year vision for the management of more than 900,000 hectares of parks.

Mr Smith said the draft alpine plan identified opportunities for tourism and recreation and addressed key land management elements such as fire, pest animals and weeds management.

It makes a clear commitment to working in partnership with local groups and individuals.

“Through this management plan, the government is once again delivering on its commitment to manage Victoria’s parks to the benefit of the community and to boosting regional tourism,” Mr Smith said.

“This long-term plan identifies opportunities to grow and improve recreation and tourism, ensuring that regional tourism remains a significant contributor to the Victorian economy and an employment driver both now and into the future.

“Regional tourism is a significant economic driver, worth $10.9 billion to regional Victoria and employing more than 109,000 people, both directly and indirectly in 2011-12.

“This plan also acknowledges that this region has experienced extreme weather conditions, including fires and floods over the last decade, and identifies strategies to reduce this risk as a matter of priority.”

The draft plan for the eastern region of the state includes areas such as Baw Baw, Mount Buffalo, Snowy River national parks, Avon Wilderness Park and Walhalla.

Mr Smith thanked the groups and individuals whose knowledge and experience of local conditions had informed development of the plan.

“The comprehensive nature of the draft plan reflects the input of the Alpine Advisory Committee, environmental science groups and traditional owners who assisted in its development,” he said.

The draft plan is available for public comment until August 25 and can be viewed