LIVE RADAR: It's snowing at Stanley!

10.45AM: It's snowing in Stanley. 

Residents felt their first flurries about 8am this morning and the powder has kept coming, with a local winegrower reporting up to an inch on his property.

Derek Visser said his vines were covered in ice.

"I wouldn't say it's very thick just yet but we've certainly got good ground coverage and it's about an inch thick on our outdoor table," he said. 

Beechworth resident Adrian Rodda, who also has a vineyard, snapped the photos pictured above at Mr Visser's property. 

"I saw some cars coming down from Stanley covered in snow when I dropped the kids off at school this morning so I thought I'd go up and have a look," he said. 

"I only moved here four years ago so I always try to get a good look whenever there's snow about, but this is definitely the most I've seen."

Rain, hail and snow — the Border and North East copped the lot and our readers have captured it with their cameras. 

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A woman races to escape the rain in High Street, Wodonga, yesterday. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN

A woman races to escape the rain in High Street, Wodonga, yesterday. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN

8.24AM: The Bureau of Meteorology has issued severe weather warnings for both sides of the Border, with gale-force winds expected to batter both states. 

It's already been a cold start to the day, with apparent temperatures dropping to -1C at 7am and close to 7mm of rain falling overnight.

Destructive winds have been forecast for both sides of the Border for the rest of today.


In Victoria, duty forecasters said an intense low pressure system would cause gale-force winds, particularly in Alpine areas. 

Snow is expected down to 700m, with blizzard conditions set to remain for most of the day. 

Though higher across the rest of the state, windspeeds are expected to sit at around 40 to 60kmh in the North East with peak gusts of about 110km.


In NSW, duty forecasters said a cold front had crossed the southeastern part of the state yesterday and was expected to move east-northeast through the Bass Strait today. 

The Riverina can expect damaging winds of 65 to 80kmh, with gusts of 110kmh.