Former CEO surprised by SS&A golf club money bid

ANDREW Terry, a former chief executive of the SS&A Club, has questioned the club’s need to seek funding from Wodonga Council.

Mr Terry yesterday told The Border Mail that the drainage issues at the club’s Parkers Road land were well-known, and that it had undertaken thousands of dollars worth of flood mitigation works and planning.

The club bought the golf course in 2005 during Mr Terry’s tenure, and he said the ongoing flood problems were clear at that stage.

He said while specific funds were not set aside for the works, he believed the cost had been factored into the club’s intentions to prepare the property for sale.

“The club had always intended to develop the site in consultation with a partner,” he said.

“For whatever reason they elected not to do that.

“But during my time, it was always factored into the development plans and the club spent thousands on it over the years.

“I’m surprised the club has now gone back to the council.”

Tim Levesque declined to comment on Mr Terry’s remarks yesterday, refusing to be drawn into “a discussion in the media with an ex-employee”.

Mr Terry’s services were terminated in June 2009 after nine years.

He challenged the sacking and there was a confidential mediation, leading to a settlement of about $45,000.