'Harsh reality' of drug use brings life lesson

A MELBOURNE woman with strong family ties to the Albury region realised she put a close friend’s life at risk by supplying her with liquid ecstasy, a court heard yesterday.

Emily Josephine Hore had bought a small bottle of the drug at a St Kilda nightclub, brought it to Albury and shared it with a friend.

They were treated for drug overdoses at Albury hospital.

Hore, 21, of South Morang, yesterday pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to charges of supplying and administering a prohibited drug.

Magistrate Tony Murray imposed fines totalling $700 and said Hore’s actions were potentially life-threatening.

“That is the harsh reality of these type of drugs,” Mr Murray said.

“This is a clear case of danger for young people ingesting drugs.”

Solicitor Andrea MacDonald said: “She has learnt a very salutary lesson and will mend her ways accordingly.”

The court was told in tendered police facts that Hore was with a friend at a house in Thurgoona on May 31 when she swallowed about half the contents of the bottle.

She left the remainder for the other woman to take.

They went to central Albury with others about 9.45pm but a short time later Hore became sick.

An ambulance was called to Olive Street and she was treated for a suspected drug overdose.

Hore was taken to hospital, treated and then released.

Her friend became sick early the next morning and she was taken by ambulance from Dean Street to hospital.

She was put in the intensive care unit, where staff saw the bottle containing what they thought was liquid ecstasy.

It was given to police for analysis and the woman was later released from hospital.

Hore attended the police station after a request and was genuinely remorseful when interviewed.

She told police she “felt like a criminal for endangering the life of a good friend”.

Hore said she knew what it was they took and that they had used it together in the past.