Man ‘bit police officer on arm’

DRUNK, swaying from side to side and slurring his words, the man asked police for a ride home.

More than happy to oblige, officers opened the back door of their caged truck to chauffeur him.

But a court has heard he slammed the door, became aggressive and walked off before punching the bonnet of another police vehicle and then being arrested.

Worse was to come from William John Mitchell, 38, of Springdale Heights, Albury Local Court heard yesterday.

When taken to the station, Mitchell tried to spit on an officer and bit him.

A tirade of abuse followed with threats to kill the officer and his family.

Mitchell appeared in custody before magistrate Megan Greenwood charged with assaulting a police officer, causing actual bodily harm, damaging property, assaulting an officer and intimidation.

Asking for bail, he told Ms Greenwood: “They assaulted me, Miss”.

“I want to beat these charges they loaded me up with. I have got a good heart, Miss — I have got in a lot of trouble because of all these lies.”

He said he could live with his mother, but police prosecutor Sgt Shannon Lewis said he was a danger to the community.

Sgt Lewis said he would likely receive a long jail term because he got 14 months for a similar matter and was released on parole in December.

Refusing bail, Ms Greenwood said Mitchell had many matters of violence on his record.

She ordered a police brief of evidence and remanded Mitchell to reappear through a video link from jail on August 5.

Tendered police facts stated police had been called about a fight in Logan Road on Tuesday.

Mitchell dented the police vehicle by punching the bonnet, stripped off his shirt and stood in a confrontational stance with his fists closed.

An officer drew his taser and told Mitchell several times to get on the ground before he complied.

He was handcuffed, but spat at the custody manager while walking towards him.

The officer put his forearm up to protect himself and Mitchell bit his arm.

The bite broke the skin and the officer was later treated in hospital.

“You wait till I get my whole family and we’re going to kill you,” Mitchell told him.

When put in the dock, he urinated on the floor and was not interviewed due to his violent behaviour.